No Peels?  By Jacine Greenwood

Chemical peels are performed by many Estheticians and Doctors. At Roccoco we don’t believe in them. To us, they are treating a symptom and not a cause. Therefore, in our eyes, they are not holistic and don’t fit with our philosophy on the skin.

The idea that removing skin cells fixes a problem is to us faulty thinking. The keratinocyte is the king of cellular communication. This little cell decides whether to mount an immune response, whether to dilate your capillaries and whether to generate repair.

Rather than removing them, we believe your keratinocyte should remain until it naturally falls off. There isn’t any really any reason to peel.

The reasons used are:
1. Acne
2. Pigmentation
3. Aging

Acne is inflammatory. Originally it was thought to be from hyper-proliferation of cells (which it has that feature), however, newer research shows it actually begins with inflammation and that is the trigger for the overproduction of cells. You extinguish the inflammation you get rid of the overproduction of cells. The bonus is that it doesn’t create sun sensitivity or increased sensitivity which tends to happen with the use of acids.

Pigmentation occurs because the pigment is transferred to the keratinocyte, so the idea is to remove them which removes the pigment. Instead, if you stop the transfer of pigment you eliminate the pigmentation. There is also ways of stopping the pigment being deposited in the first place.

Aging isn’t from dead skin cells and whilst it may stimulate the production of collagen by peeling it also creates inflammation. Our philosophy is why peel when you can generate quicker and faster results without peeling and the process is holistic.

If you look at number 2 and 3 you will see it breaches the basal cell. Whilst your skin may look good at the time you will look worse in about 10-15 years time. The entire epidermis has been destroyed and will struggle to renew itself. This means your skin will start sagging.

It is for this reason that we at Roccoco are against peeling the skin. We treat acne from the first step. Peeling only treats from the second step.

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