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Acne Resolutions

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Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis

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TAMA Microcurrent
Most people will see a difference after just one treatment.

Most Popular Treatments


Custom Facial Just what YOU need

This personalized facial promotes Barrier Repair, cellular healing and lymph movement while restoring Radiance and Beauty. Your end result is healthier radiant skin. Customizable for All skin conditions including, Aging, Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive, and Hyperpigmentation.

Custom Facial with Microcurrent

Custom Facial with Microcurrent. TAMA microcurrent can be used as a quick (temporary) result for any special occasion or can be done as series that will provide lasting results. Softens wrinkles, lifts, tightens & tones, stimulates collagen production.

Facial Infusion Peel w/Revitapen

This is a non-acid Peel designed to increase Fibroblast activity and stimulates Collagen production.  It does not wound the skin like acids or lasers but, increases turnover via supporting the skins nutritional needs. We get increased penetration by using the Revitapen which gently stamps micro openings into the very top layers of the skin. You will leave with beautifully glowing skin. (There is no downtime with this peel)

Back Rub & Scrub Relaxing

Enjoy a relaxing back treatment that cleans and exfoliates that hard to reach back!

Followed by warm towels and massage. Leaves your back looking & feeling amazing.

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  Simply Healthy Skin LLC. Our goal is to holistically help those that have unresolved skin conditions discover the root cause and resolve it. While topicals are helpful in managing symptoms and resolving some issues, the root cause can be internal, in which case you need to determine if it is diet related or another issue. Often skin issues are a symptom of an internal issue. We are not medical doctors but, can work with you & your doctor on your journey of discovery.


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